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Saturday, June 14, 2008

London trip

Hey there, faithful readers (all six or seven of you. lol)! I’m back from a short trip across “The Pond.” And let me tell you…London as a tourist is a ton of fun! I haven’t been back to one of my favorite cities since I went there on a quick vacation in 2000 with my family. Back then, I saw London from a cab as we toured 12 hotels in two or three days. Not much fun and but somehow educational. When Mom and I were given the opportunity to spend this summer there, we jumped in without second thoughts

being a complete “Experience-phile,” I could not wait to soak in what London had to offer. And who really could blame me? It’s one of the world’s oldest cities. It was a chance to people watch in a whole different venue. Despite the vast similarities of western cultures – it was a whole new football pitch. London’s weather is a totally different world so we first went to the nearest mall which is the Stratford shopping centre and checked on the women clothing to get my moms and sisters there jackets. Then we walked around to check some cold proof clothes for me luckily I found this designer mens criminal shirt as they call it, maybe because of its print. It’s not really a cold proof shirt but what the heck I liked the design and I just got a it for a steal deal of ₤40. Anyway the tour was indeed was a complete fun and very educational. Too bad I didn’t had much shots to share because my camera failed me. by the way here are some of my pics.


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